ChE 232 Fluid Mechanics (3 credits, ECTS: 5)

Offered in Spring 2017-18 – 2010-11
(Old 'Chemical Engineering I: Fluid Mechanics': spring 2009-10 and 2008-09)


  • Dimensional analysis with applications. Fluid statics and its applications. Integral and differential mass, energy and momentum balances. Laminar and turbulent flow of Newtonian fluids. Flow measurements. Prerequisites: CHE 110, PHYS 121, Math 102.

Required book:

  • J. O. Wiles, Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers 2nd ed. with Microfluidics and CFD, Prentice Hall

Course Content

  • Units & Dimensions
  • Fluid statics
  • Overall balances (mass, energy, momentum, applications and flow measurements)
  • Fluid friction in pipes
  • Flow in chemical engineering equipment
  • Differential Balances and some design applications