July 24th, 2018

İlke defended her MS thesis. Congratulations!

August, 2017

Canberk joined the group of Hugo Atle Jakobsen at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. Congratulations!

August 7th, 2017

Sercan defended his MS thesis. Congratulations!

July 11th, 2017

Kerem Uğuz presented at BIFD 2017 in The Woodlands, Texas-US!

January 9th, 2017

Pınar defended her Ph.D. thesis proposal!

January, 2017

Seymen İlke Kaykanat and Berkay Keklik joined the group.

August 10, 2016

Canberk defended his MS thesis. Congratulations!

June 16, 2016

Canberk, Pınar and Kerem Uğuz presented at IMA8 2016 in Bad Honnef, Germany

May 20, 2016

Pınar passed her qualifying exam.

Jan 15, 2016

Research Opportunity for an Undergraduate Student: If you are good with hands-on experiments and want to be part of a team working on microfluidics please contact Kerem Uğuz

Jan 10, 2016

Prof. Gérard Labrosse visited our lab for one month to collaborate on a TÜBİTAK 2221 project.

Jan 01, 2016

Please contact Kerem Uğuz for available MS Thesis projects

Jul 16, 2015

Pinar presented at BIFD 2015 in Paris. Her talk’s title was “Effect of Electric Field on Two Immiscible Liquids Flowing in a Micro Channel”